About Us

After 2002, the situation changed and new gate has been opened for Afghan people and companies in order to start the reconstruction and renovation of infrastructures, which were damaged during the 3 decades of war in Afghanistan. Ayande Sazan Productive & Industrial Co. (ASPIC) is one of the first companies who have started the design, drafting and manufacturing of the different type of light and heavy Steel structural to participate for the developments and re construction of infrastructure in the country.  Since, one of the importance factors for the economical development is the steel structures and product, the ASPIC has decided to start strongly the manufacturing and producing the different type of steel structures such as Pre Engineering Buildings (PEB), Shelter for Air Craft, Hangers for Industrial purposes, K Span Buildings, different size of Diesel Fuel Tanks, Aviation Fuel Tanks, Water Storage Tanks, Metal Truss Roof, Cold Form Truss Roof System, Metal Doors, Road Steel Bridge and other metallic products.